Get Started, Get Growing

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Transformation is accomplished when there is a total reformation in the
mindset of the system and structure of individuals that form the integral
actors in a constituent. This book is an affirmation to the transformation
process I passed through in the last few years.

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I have read many books on entrepreneurship activation but Get Started, Get Growing
is exceptional in the sense that Rasak’s presentation style is simple, illustrative, and
connects with the Nigerian socioeconomic reality. It is a must-read for allaspiringand
e author started by explaining that business ideas are born out ofthe desire and
passion to solve a problem, fill a gap, create a value or create a quantum leap in value
proposition. He illustrates the use ofObservation Reserve as a toolto deduce challenges
in the society andprovide alternative solutions to them.
Are you struggling with idea generation? e author suggests 50 ideas you can launch
immediately. You willlove them: there’s one for everybody. In its simplest form, he was
able to demonstrate how you can develop ideas and perform business processing tasks.
In the words ofthe author, “e best business plans demonstrate that the founding
entrepreneur has a great idea, has identified an innovation, and has a passion for that
new productorservice.”

He also emphasizes the need for marketingand promotion strategies usingthe POEM
conceptandbrandadvocacy technique. He illustrates how you can use scalable business
modelto getstarted; startingsmallto finish BIG.
Connecting with your client in this age can best be achieved via digital strategy. Get
Started, Get Growing elaborates and illustrates, with examples, how you can connect
with yourclientandalso findthe rightpartnerforyourstartup.
Regardless ofthe greatness ofyour business idea and soundness ofyour business plan, if
you don’t understand numbers, you could easily mess up the financials and struggle
with success. The author, through simple illustrations, explains the facts behind the
numbers/financials. The book also brings to the fore, common financial errors
committedby entrepreneurs, andoffers practicalcase study examples to help the reader
understandhow to avoidthis problem.
Ifyou ask me, the most interesting part ofthis book, is how the author demystifies
building trust among customers, practical inbound marketing, digital content
marketing and business digitalization. Meanwhile, the interview with Lorraine
Twohill, Google’s Senior Vice President ofGlobal Marketing, explaining what has
and hasn’t changed for marketers trying to connect with customers is worth reading until lessons are deduced.
In spite of my wealth of experience in entrepreneurship, this book is a must-keep that
I’llalways referto in my library.
Abiola Kabiru
CEO, SuccessDrive GlobalConsultLtd.

Rasak is a gifted and prolific writer. In this book, he was so creative with the use ofhis
words that he deliveredthe entrepreneurialmessage in an easy-to-understandformat,
one which appeals to the youngandyoung-hearted. Although, the business vocabulary
are unconventional, the book is so engaging that it captivates the reader while
capturingthe whole essence ofthe book.
Each chapter in this book contains an exclusive lesson that I learnt from. It is apt,
precise andstraightto the point.
Bisi Bright
CEO, Live WellInitiative.


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