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A lot can happen in 60seconds; 1800 stars will explode, there will be 5 earth quakes, lightening will strike  the earth  360 times, 250 babies are born, 5500 barrels of oil will be used, 6 million chemical reactions will take place inside every cell of your body, you will blink an average of 12 times, Nike will make $36,000 and the list goes on.

And if all these and more will happen in 60 seconds, you can as well imagine the many more things that can happen in 60days. On certain thing is the fact that in 60days you can stop a bad habit and learn a new one because that takes at 21 days.


LOL in 60 days teaches you about LIFE, OPPORTUNITIES and LESSONS using God’s ideals as a manual.

You would learn a little more  about;




*Living out your best life now.

The beautiful thing about this book is that you can use it as your devotional for the next 60 days.




Emmanuel Aki-Cobhams is an enthusiast for purposeful living. He is simplistic and practical in his perspective and approach in dealing with life to make the most out of it. And in doing so have evolved principles rooted firmly in his faith: Christianity. And these he shares through his message using his life as the platform.


He is a trained Petroleum Engineer and also serves as an Associate Pastor in his local church. He is married to his best friend Abigail Aki-Cobham and they are blessed with three wonderful daughters.



About Onyebuolise Grace

Grace Onyebuolise is a Nigerian. She studied Biochemistry at the University of Port Harcourt but her passion to read and see other read too became a career foundation for her. She runs Write Treasurez, an educational resource center that offer services as book sales, reading club, promoting books and authors, educational news and events. She writes at her spare time too but more importantly she is driven to add value to anyone she meets because that way she gets to spread the love of Jesus Christ which is the best thing that can happen to anyone.


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